Sunday, February 3, 2013

To everything there is a season, ... 16 Nov. 2008, the season was right for a new Principal for SMK Hutchings. Like the other Principal he was meant to serve, its beginning were unpretentious. but like the people he served, there was no limit to the dreams he set set for the school, the heights it could aspire to, the achievements he could strive for.
Today, about 4 years and 2 months later, it is the season for change again. I will be leaving SMK Hutchings and to pass on SMK Hutchings to the my successor. Indeed I had a wonderful time serving in SMK Hutchings and the memories here will be treasured by me and the friendship will be honoured. To be honoured is a honour.To be honoured because one has done nothing more than answer an inner call to give the best of oneself to one's profession, to one's collegues, to one's community and to one's school (SMK Hutchings) ... that is the greatest honour of all. For it reflects on the honour of those who confer the honours.
Thank You SMK Hutchings, Thank You " Man Of Honour"

Signing off for the last time as Principal Of  SMK HUTCHINGS.
5 February 2013

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